I like to live at the edges, where the imagination meets the intricate details of the world.

Every day, for three years, I walked the same five mile path through the woods and across the heath to my studio, where I sat and drew.

Come the evening, I would return home, along the same path, as the sun set, or by starlight in deep winter, to the sound of owls awakening.

Every day, I would try to notice something new. This became easier, not harder, when walking the same path each day, since the more familiar it became, the more the unfamiliar stood out.

It's hard to imagine how I saw the world when I began this project. Thinking back, I knew little of the trees, the wild flowers, the songs of birds, or how they all changed through the seasons. What was I seeing before? And what more could I see?


It has been a joy creating this book.

Sitting at my drawing board, reimagining my journey; the sounds, the atmosphere and the ever-changing moods of the weather.

But best of all, were the chance encounters, a fleeting glimpse into another world, with a creature that in some unknowable way, has an imagination all of its own...


Sgt Pepper and I working hard in the studio

Maquettes I made of the main characters. They became useful drawing tools too...